Should You Take An Online Class?

Background information: At the end of last year, there was a brand new online class proposed, you could take either a english or history class (I chose the english class), and at my school it had never been done before so I decided to try it, hoping it would open up my schedule at least a little bit, and it did just that.keyboard-7This class is unlike any other class on campus, and especially compared to other english classes. You learn many things that are actually usable in the real world rather than gaining knowledge about things out of the textbook which are rarely applicable to real life. In this class, I learned a lot that I didn’t think I would, I learned how to type better essays, utilize my time better, be motivated, driven, and even learned how to use many various tools online that are extremely helpful, such as Lucidchart, this app gives you full control and customizable ability to create your very own chart, whether it’s a flow chart, pie chart, venn diagram, or any other chart imaginable. That was just one example, but the main thing I learned was how to write better essays, and how to reply to various topics from many media sources whether that was a video, podcast, or even someone else’s blog post.

If you are trying to find a reason as to why you should take an online class, then look no further as there are plenty. In your normal english class, a ton of time is wasted and the class, more times than not, will not be going at your pace, whether that is too fast or too slow. For me, english classes always were paced too slow so I decided to take this class and it changed the way I look at english as now everything is at your own pace and you have plenty of time to do your best and according to your own schedule, the flexibility of this class is astonishing! If you are in sports and get home late everyday but then have to do all the homework you got which you end up doing all night, then this class is great as that’s the exact situation I was in, until this class. You wouldn’t think that one open period wouldn’t make that big of a difference, but it really does. During school, that whole period, you can do all of your homework whether that’s for english or even another class, all that wasted time in a standard english class is given to you to achieve whatever you please.

With this brand new experience, I truly enjoyed the freedom, flexibility, and advantages of it. As it opens up more time than you think. And the flexibility is great, if you have a busy schedule one day, but have a completely open day the other, then that is where this class fits in. You can just do your assignment on the open day and even get ahead as the assignments are posted in modules where there are multiple assignments spanned over a few weeks . And due to this, you can really get ahead if you are open one day and just want to do as much work as you can.

For future online teachers, I want to want to say that they should keep the class as flexible as possible as that is one of the main advantages of this class. My teacher, Mr.  Theriault, did a phenomenal job at this. Also, keep assignments posted a few weeks in advance as well so if a student does get ahead, they can go even further as this class is entirely different, if a student gets ahead, it won’t affect the class in the way that they would be ahead of the chapter in the textbook that the teacher is teaching, as there isn’t even a textbook. You respond to various online topics and although they do all tie together in a way, it isn’t directly linked to the “pace” of the class.

Some students may be much more successful in this class rather than a normal english class, but one major thing determines how well you will do, self motivation. In this class, you have to be self motivated as you only go to class once a week, and if you aren’t driven, then you won’t complete your work, and if you don’t complete your work, you will ultimately fail.

Taking this class took a huge load of stress off of my shoulders as it gave my so much more time to do homework and it really changed my schedule in the best ways possible. As i’ve stated many times, it’s an extremely flexible class and will make you use your time much more efficiently than before.

Some may argue that since the class is online, the interaction with others is less, and social skills diminish. But to counter this, you have to think that it is only one class and students have five to six other classes to go to as well. But with the extra time enabled due to the class being online, you have more time, and with this time, you can spend that with friends, therefore, socializing and building those “lost” skills.

If you take this to the extreme, some may want to take multiple online classes, this is where it’s a grey zone, it really depends on the student, but the max I would recommend would be two, and even that may be a bit on the edge. This is because I feel like it would defeat the whole purpose of school, it really does depend on the student and class, but I would say that one student cannot take more than one online class, but do various classes available.

Overall, I do recommend this unique experience as it helped me with my schedule more than I thought imaginable, but also, I learned as I feel that it better prepares you for college and more importantly, the real world.



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